Climate K.I.S.S.

Hi folks, on my rgti2kaq5n4-aaron-burdenwebsite, I aim to share succinct and straight-to-the-point information on climate change, its likely impacts on our children and grandchildren, as well as what we can personally do to mitigate it, and what we can do to encourage our governments and business leaders to play their part fairly too. I am a parent of young children and I am also an environmental scientist. I am not an expert in climate change science, not by any stretch, just a concerned parent with general skills at analysing scientific information. I find that the information presented in the media and on expert content providers’ websites is usually too detailed and wordy to find the facts that I want to know, and original sources of information are often omitted. So as I educate myself I am hoping to present the most important facts in the most simple and easy to engage with ways that I can. I initially made this website to share with other parents of children who are worried about their children and grandchildren’s future in a changing climate, and who are busy like me, without the time to spend wading through lots of detailed information. But of course I hope it can be relevant to anyone interested in this most important issue. To access the content, you can use the dropdown menu above or click on the links below. As well as these succinct content pages I have a blog which might not be as short and succinct! Also, you can find out more about me here, and feel free to send me comments and suggestions here.


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Image credit: Aaron Buren

Audio: My climate-science-electro-pop track I wrote for Rose Carrousel.