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Dr Heidi Edmonds is an environmental engineer and ecologist with a PhD from Griffith University in spatial analysis of freshwater ecosystems. She is an experienced science communicator and a freelance researcher investigating climate solutions and ecological and societal resilience. Published academic articles focus on freshwater ecology, environmental management and climate change.

With her expertise in spatial analysis Heidi has worked extensively in biodiversity assessment. She applies tools from ecology, engineering, spatial analysis, economics and management to analyse the resilience of communities and ecosystems to climate change and land use change.

A mother of two young children, Heidi co-founded the Australian Parents for Climate Action. She has written and collaborated on climate change articles and has been interviewed for online international press publications including the ABC, BBC and NBC.

She is currently the project lead for the Zero Carbon Communities Lens of the Beyond Zero Emissions‘ Million Jobs Plan.

You can view her most recent publications about ecology and climate change at https://rosecarrousel.com/science_engineering/ and view her climate science communication work at climatekiss.com.

Her research skills include spatial analysis through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and coding in python, model selection and analysis using R, as well as ecological fieldwork, data analysis, science communication and scientific writing.

As a parent with two young children, she is very concerned about the potential impacts of climate change on her children and grandchildren’s future health and happiness. So she is using her scientific background and her experience in writing about and communicating science, to inform herself and others with knowledge about climate change, how it will affect our kids, and what we can realistically do about it. In doing this she is extending her science communication work that she started as a volunteer on Eco Radio, a segment on local community radio 4ZzZ here in Brisbane. So on her site she has short and sweet content pages and some more detailed posts in her blog.

She is also a musician and singer who has been nominated for awards in the state of Queensland for her song writing and music production. Mentored by Regurgitator’s Quan Yeomans and the Lady Electronica Collective to produce the music for “Love for our Future”, and merging her science and her music backgrounds, she has written this uplifting, family friendly, climate-science-electro-pop song about saving our climate for the future, which is starting on its promotional journey and is already being well received on community radio. Half of sales will go to the Long Future Foundation. https://soundcloud.com/rosecarrousel/love-for-our-future-1 . This track was inspired by the earlier composition she co-wrote with Guy Lane from the Long Future Foundation called “Living in the Long Future”.

She has also had experience coordinating and volunteering for the community. She coordinated volunteers and administration for the Brisbane community radio station 4ZzZ fm, as well as ran announcer training, hosted several shows including the environmental focused Eco-Radio, and coordinated a special arts+music+environment fundraising event for 4ZzZ/Eco-Radio called Chrysalis. She has also volunteered with Engineers Without Borders and Amnesty International in various capacities.

You can find out more about Heidi and her various practices, see her list of academic publications and listen to some of her music on her personal website page www.rosecarrousel.com.

Image credits: Scott Webb and Julie Lovell