Climate change dinner party conversation starters

Have you seen the funny show of Seth Meyers inviting John Snow from Game of Thrones to dinner?

Well now, you might like to try your own version!!! ha ha. Instead of “Winter is Coming” you could well argue that “some rather hot summers are coming!!” if we don’t get our collective acts into gear ASAP! I think its really important to continue to raise awareness about the big issues of climate change mitigation and adaptation with the people we know and meet.

Here are some short and sweet (though not necessarily sugar coated!) facts that you could sprinkle into your dinner conversation with friends and family, or just casually mention to your physiotherapist during a session (like I did!)

kevin-curtis-3308 copy.jpgTo start, with, if someone argues with you that the climate is not really changing, you might like to mention that we are actually already one quarter of the way towards possibly destroying human civilisation (see here and here). That’s right. 1 degree C change in global average temperature might not seem like a lot, but we have already increased the global average temperature by just over 1 degrees C, and if we hit 4 degrees C increase we would be putting human civilsation at risk! The last ice age was only 4 degrees cooler than what we are experiencing today. So, yes, its time to get our ship in order and not settle for anything but full-scale saving the planet, with renewables, lower consumption of resources, bugging our politicians to get their acts in gear, etc. I’ve created a cute little thermometer graphic to illustrate this rather scary situation!! (See below) and I’ve included a more detailed version to provide the references.

temp paris copy

simple graphic temp rises paris updated copy

(Clickable links for the references used to inform the information graphics are listed below).

Now, if that hasn’t got the party started, how about this simple fact:

For every 1 degrees C temperature rise, the atmosphere can hold 7% more water. That’s why we get wetter, more powerful hurricanes and cyclones associated with climate change, as illustrated in this article from Time Magazine.

Here’s some further food for thought with some great ideas about talking to people about climate change in ways that are meaningful for different audiences.

I’d love to hear about the ways you have brought up the need to rapidly fix our climate with your friends and family. Please feel free to comment below or you can comment on my facebook page:

I am a climate optimist and I believe that if we all put our collective heads together and educate, activate and organise we can save our beautiful planet for our own children, the creatures and future generations. I also think its important to be able to discuss some of these big issues with our friends so that we don’t feel alone while we think about how we can best make change in the world and look after our loved ones in an uncertain future. Want to get active, sign a petition here (one of my favourites):

xx Heidi

Image credit: Kevin Curtis
Links to references for the information graphics:








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