Creative Environment Kids

This page is my “resources” page for kids (and their parents).


There’s a Facebook group called “Creative Environment Kids” where I share inspiring environment and climate content relevant to kids of all ages.

While I think that my site is suitable for kids 12+ (with resources relevant for parents to share with younger kids that don’t access the internet on their own), on this page I’ll post link to articles and resources that I put together for eco-savvy kids and their parents.

Blog posts:

For children 12+: 

Dear kids, I am an adult working to protect your safe, liveable planet. And I just want to say… hello…
If you are 12+ this letter about protecting your future (with links to resources) is for you

For parents and children with younger siblings: 

How to talk to kids of different ages to engage them on climate change and environmental issues
Age-appropriate ideas for taking to kids about he environment and climate. Links to some excellent resources at the end of the article.

Drawdown EcoChallenge thanks and wrap up 
Read about the ideas and inspiration my team (of adults) gained from our recent Drawdown EcoChallenge. The winners of the competition globally were from Asheville High School in North Carolina, USA.

Other resources: 

Recipes for change:
Vegetarian meal ideas to help increase our plant-based diet component to reduce our personal carbon emissions

Love for our Future 
A climate-science-electro-pop song for all ages that I wrote about how I love my kids and want to be a superhero to protect the environment and climate for their future

External links: 

Articles by kids: 

Jamie Margolin in CNN:


Image credit: David Clode via Unsplash.