Zoom talk: June 9: How to talk to kids about climate and the environment

Hi folks,

I will be the guest speaker for a special Zoom presentation for Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia this Saturday 9 June at 2 pm Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) time. Here are the details:

Title: How to talk to kids about climate and the environment

Saturday, 9 June 2018 on ZOOM @ 2 pm Brisbane (Queensland, Australia)

2 pm NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, QLD | 1.30 pm SA, NT | 12 noon WA

Details on how to connect can be found here:


According to Michelle Nijhuis in The Atlantic, a lot of climate-change education materials for children “focus on how to explain climate change” but rarely focus on “when and why teachers ought to discuss climate change in class”…

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In this presentation Heidi Edmonds will talk about age appropriate engagement on environmental and climate issues for kids.

As part of this, she will also touch on how to fact-check climate news, ways to protect mental health in a changing climate, and some of her climate heroes.

Dr Heidi Edmonds is an ecologist and environmental engineer with a PhD in freshwater ecology and experience in science communication.

As a mother of young children, and an advocate for protecting our climate, she is passionate about making climate science and climate action accessible, simple and easy to understand.

Check out her blog at www.climatekiss.com (KISS = Keep It Simple Sweetheart), including a new series of posts on kids and climate. Heidi is based in Brisbane, Queensland and is a volunteer with CCL Australia



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