Gymnastics and electrical tech: What it takes to install rooftop solar

I was very excited that we finally got rooftop solar on our home (You can see I have proudly updated my personal Climate Change mitigation to-do-list here).

James and I recently bought an old Queenslander house. It’s a lovely little cottage with steep tin roof panels, a neat white fence, and a big backyard for our little girls to run around in. And now it has solar panels on its roof. They cost us around $5000 through otipower. The panels will likely cover most if not all of our daytime power usage.

One thing I was struck with on the day that I watched the team install the panels was how physically fit they had to be to install solar panels! When I thanked the team for installing the panels on our roof, and suggested that they don’t need to go to the gym if they are climbing around on roofs all day, they told me that ours was one of the hardest roofs they had installed on because our roof has such slanty panels. One of the guys told me his legs and toes were a bit tight from holding on all day and I overheard some comments about only being able to work with one hand because they were holding on tightly with the other. Admittedly, our roof segments look like they are angled at about 45 degrees as you can see in the picture. I am left feeling as if the world might be in good hands as young men and women really give their all to install rooftop solar across the landscape!

IMG_2765 copy



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